Best way to contact me?

Email, or my contact box on this site. 


It may take me 72 hours to get back to my messages due to the amount of msgs.


What are your working hours?

I  am really appointment only. For right now I am just working Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  When I get off of maternity leave I will have more days available.

How long have you been tattooing?

Since August 2010.

How do I book an appointment?

Send me an email or txt me. I do require a deposit, you can pay it online or in person. It does go towards your tattoo.

How do I book a consult?

CONSULTS ARE FREE, and you can book one only online monday-thursday via skype, zoom, or google chat.

How much do you charge?

This is a hard question, and the one everyone wants to know. First let me just say…that if you have a budget.... 

I am always willing to design for that budget.  I don’t turn anyone down, but I can’t do more for less. Design, placement, and size all go into to how much it cost.

I don’t like pricing over messaging (email, text,  social media). Because I have no idea of exactly what I’m going to tattoo. Even if you send me references and tell me a size…what your imagining might not be what I imagine.  Sometimes I will give an estimate the lowest and highest it might be, but it is not a set price. I just charge for my time ($125 hr).

So here is the basic information on how I price. My minimum is $80.  And I charge $125 an hr. For small tattoos I might just give a flat rate, but again I will give a price when I see it designed and sized in front of me.

Can you draw my tattoo?

Sure, I just ask for a deposit of usually $75. $50 of the deposit goes towards your tattoo , and $25 is something for all the hours I spend on your design . I usually ask for one week to draw it up. Deposits are always non-refundable.



Or you can design it with me at the appointment, which is always free.


Can I lose my deposit?


Yes if you cancel last minute, no call no show, or don't answer any of my messages back I will take your deposit. I might ask for another deposit if you wish to reschedule, and may credit both deposits depending on situation.  



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