YOU MUST BE 18 to get a tattoo in Wisconsin.


Best way to contact me or set up an appointment?


To start the process of getting tattooed by me, please fill out my tattoo form on my contact page. I am not active on social media, and I do not answer DM's.  

I do not guarantee an instant reply. Please give my assistant Latora and me at least 24 to 72 hours to get back to your questions. 

What are your working hours?

Friday- Sunday 1 pm to close. Appointment only!

How long have you been tattooing?

Since August 2010.

How do I book an appointment?

Start by filling out my form on my contact page. Please answer it as detailed as possible. I do require aa $75 deposit to book a tattoo appointment.




You can pay online through an invoice we send through the square app in an email. 




 How you can lose your deposit...


If you cancel last minute, no call no show, and are nonresponsive for a year, and don't reach out to reschedule. 


In last-minute cancellations, I might ask for another deposit if you wish to reschedule. Both deposits are credited if you show up for the second appointment. These situations include car accidents, family emergencies, work related situation, and if you feel unwell or test positive for covid.

How do I book a consult?

CONSULTS ARE FREE, and you can select your preference on the contact page. Available Tuesday-Thursday anytime.

How much is my tattoo going to cost?

I charge for my time. It is currently $125 an hour (January 2022, $150 an hr). 


I am always willing to design for your budget. Design, placement, and size, coloring all go into how much time it will take to complete a tattoo.

I’m not too fond of giving price quotes over messaging. Without seeing your final design sized in front of me, it's hard to estimate time. I will try and provide the highest and lowest I think it could be, but it is not a set price. You will need size, body placement, picture references, and a description of color to get a ballpark price.

My minimum is $125.




Can you draw my tattoo?

My preference is to design and tattoo all in one session. My reasoning for this is a lot of my time is wasted when I draw what I think is a good tattoo. Many clients don't prefer my art, but like the art, they find on Pinterest or the internet. So my preference is to draw on a tablet in front of my clients to direct me better to design the tattoo they imagined.


For clients that do insist on my art and more extensive projects, I will design ahead. I can only take on 2 to 3 large-scale drawing projects a month. And they will be required to put down a drawing deposit of $100. $50 goes towards the tattoo like a regular tattoo deposit, and the other $50 will go towards my time for the hours I spend drawing the design.​ For extremely large designs I might ask for a deposit of $150. 

Are you open? Can I walk in?

Yes and no....our shop is open but appointment only. Sometimes artists will be there to answer questions, and sometimes they won't. If you are serious about a tattoo, it's best to book an appointment to ensure you will get service. I very rarely do walk-ins. 



What's the address of your shop?


2505 South Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207.

Ink Spot Tattoo Studio