YOU MUST BE 18, to get a tattoo in Wisconsin. Please do not contact and ask me if I will. Parent permission does not make it legal.

Best way to contact me? .

To email me please fill out my tattoo form on my contact page .

 I am not actively on social media, I do not answer dms. I do everything threw my email, so that my threads can be organized. I prefer everyone to fill out the form I have created, because it asks allot of information that I need or will end up asking.

I have been averaging 20 emails a day of new clients, it has been super hard answering everyone after the COVID-19 close down. I am super happy about the surge of business, and the amount of people interested in my art work.I am trying my best to get to everyone, the only way I won't answer an email is if a client has been inappropriate. You can always send another email if you are questioning if I got it. It does bump your email back to the top of the list. Please be patient, I really do want to make everyone happy. 

What are your working hours?

I  am really appointment only. For right now I am just working  

Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  I just had my first child, and until a vaccine is available for Covid -19, I am staying home as much as I can for my newborn.

How long have you been tattooing?

Since August 2010.

How do I book an appointment?

Start by filling out my form on my contact page. Include size, placement, subject matter, if its color or black and gray, and what dates you are hoping to schedule .If you are looking to get in right away....It probably won't happen. I schedule about a month  out. I use to require a $50 deposit to book an appointment, but I no longer do that. I won't until the world starts to go back to the way it was, and there is no risk of another shutdown.

How do I book a consult?

CONSULTS ARE FREE, and you can book one only online monday-thursday via skype, zoom, or google chat.

How much is my tattoo going to cost?

This is a hard question, and the one everyone wants to know. First let me just say…that if you have a budget.... 


I am always willing to design for your budget.  I don’t turn anyone down, but I can’t give you more for less. I always charge hourly, just like you get paid at your job I want to be paid for mine. Design, placement, and size all go into to how much time it will take to complete a tattoo.

I don’t like pricing over messaging (email, text, social media). Because I have no idea of exactly what I’m going to tattoo. Even if you send me references and tell me a size…what your imagining might not be what I imagine.  Sometimes I will give an estimate the lowest and highest it might be, but it is not a set price. I just charge for my time ($125 hr).

So here is the basic information on how I price. My minimum is $80.  And I charge $125 an hr. For small tattoos I might just give a flat rate, but again I will give a price when I see it designed and sized in front of me.

Can you draw my tattoo?

Sure, I just ask for a deposit of usually $75. $50 of the deposit goes towards your tattoo , and $25 is something for all the hours I spend on your design . I usually ask for one week to draw it up. Deposits are always non-refundable.



Or you can design it with me at the appointment, which is always free.


Can I lose my deposit?


Yes if you cancel last minute, no call no show, or don't answer any of my messages back I will take your deposit. I might ask for another deposit if you wish to reschedule, and may credit both deposits depending on situation.  

Covid-19 questions:

Do I have to wear a mask?

I prefer everyone to abide by the rules set by our governor, our tattoo shop is technically located in Milwaukee.  I can understand if you feel light headed or hot during the tattoo process and need to take it off. 

I do ask that if you have come in contact with someone , or feel ill to please reschedule your tattoo. 

Can I Bring a friend?

No. Unless you are handicap or need an assistant to help you, the answer is no. There are 5 artist at our shop and we are allowed one person each. We do not want anyone left waiting in our small lobby. It is also the reason why all my consults are all digital now, to stop the flow and congregation of people at our shop.

Are you open? Can I just walk in?

Yes our shop is open  but appointment only (ink spot tattoo studio), no walk-ins .



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