Samantha Weeks

From a small town outside South Bend Indiana called Walkerton. I have always enjoyed and pursued art. Later in life I attended Art School at CCAD (Columbus Collage of Art and Design). Majoring in Advertising and Graphic Design .

Most of my life all I ever wanted was to be a fine artist , an oil painter to be exact . Being a tattoo artist does allow me the financial freedom to be an artist , but tattooing is what I mostly focus on .

Allot of people would describe my style as watercolor, or would label me as a water color tattoo artist . I don’t see myself like that , my vision for a tattoo is to be a unique piece of art. I do admire smooth blends and a more artistic approach when tattooing .

I started tattooing in 2010 at Nadwe’zibe Tattoos and Piercings (niles, MI), then in 2012 to 2017 I was an artist at Serenity Ink (Milwaukee, WI). Both taught me allot and I appreciate both owners more than I can say . I now tattoo at Ink Spot Tattoo Studio, it is a beautiful shop near the heart of Bay View , WI. I am appointment only.

I don’t work conventions , or travel much . I really feel I do my best work in the shop environment I’m use to . But once a year I travel to a big convention to meet other artist or guest spot in my home town of Indiana.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me , hope to hear and know a little about you .

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